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Kostka, Bartosz. "Sports programming in practice." Master’s thesis, University of Wrocław, 2021.

Included problems

met Meteors 18th Polish Olympiad in Informatics
sta Stamp Rally AtCoder Grand Contest 002
smq Subtree Minimum Query Educational Codeforces Round 33
chi The Child and Sequence Codeforces Round #250
res The Resistor Tsinghua Training 2015
des Destiny Codeforces Round #429
swa Chef and Swaps Codechef September Challenge 2014
rac Race International Olympiad in Informatics 2011, first day
syn Synchronization Japanese Olympiad in Informatics Open Contest 2013
pal Palindromes Asia-Pacific Olympiad in Informatics 2014
eve Even Palindromes 2nd Polish Olympiad in Informatics
shi Shifts Google Kick Start 2019, round G
fir Watching Fireworks is Fun Codeforces Round #219
egg Eggs 7th Polish Olympiad in Informatics
bat Batch scheduling International Olympiad in Informatics 2002, second day
dri Drilling Algorithmic Engagements 2009
mon Money for Nothing ICPC World Finals 2017
gua Guardians of the Lunatics IOI 2014 Practice Contest 2 @ Hackerrank
low Low-cost airlines Algorithmic Engagements 2012
ali Aliens International Olympiad in Informatics 2016, second day
smp Stack machine programmer Centeral European Regional Contest 2011
pol Polynomial 25th Polish Olympiad in Informatics, third stage, second day
bio Biotechnology Laboratory The 2017 ACM-ICPC Brazil Finals
fuz Fuzzy Search Codeforces Round #296
and And to Zero Moscow Pre-Finals Workshop 2018, Radewoosh Contest
rbt Red-Black Trees Algorithmic Engagements 2018, the grand final, practice session
bin Binary Robots Polish Olympiad in Informatics training camp 2011
coi Coin Collector 2011 Southwestern Europe Regional Contest
nim Pick Your Own Nim 2019 Petrozavodsk Winter Camp, Yandex Cup